Decade For Change

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On the occasion of the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s 10th Anniversary and the recent reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, the Hotline hosted the DECADE FOR CHANGE SUMMIT, a series of three meetings whihc were held across the country to convene in Washington, DC this October, and culminate in February, 2007, in Los Angeles, CA. The goal is to create a unified, national movement in ending domestic violence in America.

"We here at Curves are honored to
be a sponsor for The Decade for
Change SUMMIT. We believe working
with the National Domestic
Violence Hotline on this
important initiative of developing
new approaches for
domestic violence prevention
over the next decade is
a testament to our mission
and values as a company that
is committed to making a
difference in women's lives."

- Becky Frusher, Curves International

The SUMMIT will challenge senior leaders from 10 focus areas to explore common goals and strategies to significantly reduce domestic violence by 2016. Thirty-three million American adults experience domestic violence every year1, a trend that must not continue. The SUMMIT will create a generation of hope for safe families, expanding intervention, broadening social safety nets, and creating new avenues to prevent domestic violence.

The SUMMIT is developing a 10-year blueprint for change that significantly reduces men’s violence against women in intimate relationships with specific benchmarks to track progress. This will require new strategies for increasing public awareness, enrolling new partners and ensuring services are available to all women seeking them.

The SUMMIT is bringing together 100 participants to serve on 10 panels, i.e. working committees. Each panel will represent diverse segments of society and will be comprised of approximately 10 members. The invited panelists are a blend of domestic violence experts and new partners. The 10 panels meet simultaneously to explore approaches and strategies with the framework of how the represented sector (for example, the business sector) can play a role in significantly reducing domestic violence. To guide them through this process, each panel is given pre-determined questions to answer and provided with certified facilitators .

PANELS: Business, Communications, Domestic Violence Services and Community Partnerships, Education, Faith Communities, Families and Relationships, Government, Healthcare and Mental Health Services, Men Working to End Violence Against Women, Youth Services


1Based on July 2005 U.S. Census estimate released January 2006 (223,000,000 total U.S. adults aged 18 or over).